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You do not have balance in your life


Life feels overwhelming


You find yourself saying
there has to be more to life than this


You're tired of repeating
the same mistakes


You are ready to achieve
your goals but know you 
don't have the support you need

5 Days    5 Lessons

Powerful information preparing you for purpose fulfillment in key areas of life. 

Day 1: Pushing Through to Your Purpose

The incessant nudge keeps reminding you of your gifts and talents sitting by the wayside waiting for everything to fall into place for you to use them.  

Your purpose lies behind every objection and excuse you've used and we are going to remove the restraints holding you hostage. 

Day 2: Activate the Power of Your Gifts

The world is waiting on your gifts and potential.  You need the roadmap to make the right connections to navigate the path to success.   Be in the room to get the perfect tips for your journey. 

Reduce a good portion of your planning process on this night as you work through the development strategy. 

Day 3: Idea to Income

Your limitations are ready for release. With the freedom and the resource those gifts and talents you have can be used within a month to generate another stream of income for your household or your business to use as you see fit. 

Day 4: Understanding Purpose and Prosperity

You are ready to achieve your goals but don't have the support you need. You are fearful you will never do what you have longed to do.  Your ideas deserve a better home than in the recesses of your mind.  I am going to explain succinctly how to get the support you need to write that book, boost your business, start a business, develop your program - to soar!   

Day 5: Optimizing Your Opportunities

You see other people generating growth for their business.  Learn the scope of resources you need with marketing, exposure and networking.  Your vision coupled with my guidance will walk you write into the growth you are seeking. 

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Are you ready to achieve your goals but know you don't have the support you need? 

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I spent the best 1.5 hours on a Friday night identifying my insecurities and the work I need to do to get over them. I can't wait to dig deeper. 

- Thena

This was great - definitely makes you realize where the work needs to take place. 

- Sonya

This was amazing Stacia'! I really needed this! Thank you! Thank you!

- Monica

You have to know me to know why I have a heart for women! I've worked as a professional counselor for over 20 years and the majority of my clientele were women.   Helping them overcome the barriers preventing them from reaching their full potential is one of the most rewarding aspects of my career.  

I've developed a comprehensive program based on four quadrants of life that helps women walk in their purpose through accessing their God-given power.  The peace that comes with high levels of accountability is what releases them to truly have a holistic approach to properity. 

I am ready to share with you! Make sure you register early to receive the full benefit of the program.       

See you soon!

Dr. Stacia' Alexander

America's #1 Success Strategist

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